"BAYA' meaning 'beautiful noble lady' in Amazigh Language (Berber).

Maison Baya refers to 'The house of the beautiful & noble lady'. This ‘Lady’ is AFRICA ~the birthplace of humanity~, its blood flowing through our veins. A rich continent; rich in people, cultures and natural and mineral resources.

Our aim at Maison BAYA is to collaborate with fair trade artisans from all over Africa to help produce unique and outstanding pieces, simple in design, honor heritage and ancestral savoir-faire. We ensure that a fair price, brought forth by the artisan, is paid for the goods they produce, so that their business makes profits to help improve their social and economic conditions and benefit their communities

All of our products have a soul, a purpose and a story to tell. Born from our love of nature and nurturing qualities of the bush, Maison BAYA is a way to introduce comforting luxury into your home. Beautiful and contemporary interiors do not need to be devoid of meaning and soul, that’s why we source from Africa, original products rich with history, to sit alongside our own exclusive designs and seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.

We believe our homes should be a reflection of the journeys we take. We thrive to make each piece earthy, raw and naturally imperfect in its own way!